Indibucha is a 'kombucha brew' - a probiotic, effervescent fermented tea.

The packaging reflects the natural qualities of the brew and also gives it a crafted, boutique feel. As kombucha isn't a particularly well known beverage, the label has to display information explaining what it is, as well as the benefits of the drink, which is treated typographically. 

Kombucha is brewed using a 'scoby', a flat pancake-like fungus that self-replicates to reproduce. Indibucha is a combination of the words 'individual' and 'kombucha', and is based on the concept that we are all unique and have individual health and lifestyle requirements. The Indibucha logo is a representation of a replicating scoby and a happy individual, to give the brand a 'face' and personality. 

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